Wednesday, April 6, 2016

time for school

i spent the majority of my time yesterday
driving around town, meeting with PRESCHOOLS.
yes, brette is already to that age.
on one hand i am so ready for her start school.
make friends. 
take a picture with her little backpack.
fall in love with her teachers.
start learning things that i would never think to teach her.
on the other hand, ITS TOO SOON!
she's my little two year old baby.
she needs to be with me.
she needs to be older.
she needs to stay little.
but i have a plan.
don't i always?
she'll go two days a week when she's three.
three days a week when she's four and
if i think she's ready,
she'll start kindergarten when she's five.
she'll  be one of the younger ones in her class, but
since she's a girl and i don't see any delays,
i think she'll do just fine.
in fact, her and eden will both start kindergarten together.
the cut off it august 1st, so
she makes it by a few months.
that means its definitely time to start venturing out of the house.
she's super excited about school.
she talks a lot about going to school like madeline and eden.
i'm excited for her.
i met with four different facilities yesterday.
some i loved, some i liked and one
i crossed off my list immediately.
of course, my favorite one is the most expensive,
but it's also less than a mile from my work.
hello, convenience.
and i still have to work out a schedule with
my work hours and ronnie's,
but hopefully if everything comes together we
should have her enrolled for this fall by next week.
as of right now, she'll be going every wednesday and friday and
still spending monday's with my parents and her cousins.
then next year she'll go monday, wednesday, friday. 
that's the plan as of now.
also, a little sidenote:
reid will be one by the time brette starts school,
 which means she'll start going to an in-home daycare on fridays
instead of spending the day with my mom.
this also means, i'll get every wednesday with just reid.
i love the thought of getting a little one on one time with her.
brette got a whole year.
reid gets one day a week.

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