Wednesday, April 27, 2016

party time

our weekend was a little busy.
on friday my mom, madeline, eden
brette and reid met me at the bank and we
had a little "girls night out" dinner.
it was fun and brette always loves having her besties around.
ronnie took advantage of a free night and met up with "the guys."
they all went to the royals game,
but being the idiot he is, he drank way too much beer
and was a hot mess when he got home.
saturday i put ronnie to work finishing up some
things around the house:
wash deck furniture,
hang a newly painted mirror,
mow the yard and
 bring up some tables and chairs for the basement.
(i hosted a baby shower on sunday and these things needed done)
meanwhile, the girls and i went to paige's first birthday.
shannon is so crafty and does such a good job
with all her decorations and details.
it was a true pinterest party - completely adorable.
and hello, i got to spend all afternoon with my friends.
loved it.


when i got home the girls slept for a little bit
and then we met up with my parents and brother for
a little dinner at costa vida on the patio.
it was so nice outside the girls ran and ran and ran.
just look at reid, sipping on ronnie's drink.
such a big girl.
sunday was kassie's baby shower at my house.
i packed up ronnie and the girls first thing that morning
and sent them to my parent's house for the day.
i needed every minute to get ready.
i went grocery shopping, i cleaned, decorated and got food prepped.
luckily, dana and shannon were co-hosting with me
so they showed up early to help out while i managed
to get myself in the shower and dressed.
we did a fiesta theme since it:
1- paid homage to kassie's wedding in mexico
2- gives kassie an excuse to eat mexican food- her favorite.
3 - let us try something a little different than we've done for other showers.
(we're becoming professional shower hostesses with all these new babies.)
weren't the invites adorable?
it was super cute little party and i think kassie had a good time.
 (nacho bar)

(cactus cookies, mini cupcakes and "ready to pop...corn" favors)
and how funny are dana and i?
we traded places.
last april vs. this april
what a difference a year makes.
and that was our weekend.
busy, but so. much. fun.
and i really do love hosting stuff at my house.
it drives ronnie crazy because i make him
do so much stuff, but
it's one of my favorite things.
i'm already excited for the girls' birthdays this summer.
i better start planning!

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