Sunday, April 10, 2016

seasonal concepts

sorry, but i just wanted to update you on
my latest diet craze.
diets. ew.
but in my world, after having two kids...
completely necessary.
i've decided i'm what you would refer
to as an "event dieter."
i need a reason.
when i had brette, we were heading to
mexico within the year.
i knew there was no option but to pull
myself together and get swimsuit ready.
it was such a great motivator.
i could imagine myself on the beach and
KNOW that a chocolate chip cookie wasn't worth it.
but this time around...
well, nothing cool is on the horizon.
i thought the motivation of being back down
to pre-pregnancy weight by the time reid
hit six months would be enough,
but sadly no.
then i thought maybe getting into
all my old clothes would be helpful.
but most days i'm in "mom gear" and the
other two days a week i go to work 
i try to find something that will be
easy enough to pump in.
so i had no real motivation to get skinny.
sure, sure - - health and wellness always
sound great, but between christmas,
valentine's day and easter, eating healthy or
eating chocolate, well, chocolate always wins.
who can resist reese's trees, hearts and eggs?
it's the mother-effing trifecta within a few months of each other.
so i spent a lot of time doing this:
i did diet for a week and lose some weight, but
regrettably gained it all back.
(that damn trifecta strikes again.)
so i recently decided to diet - for real this time -
because i had a lot coming up:
baby shower's
birthday parties
possibly a vacation this august
did i mention, summer?
the season of tank tops and swim suits.
and there it is... the motivation i need.
give me an event to get ready for and
i will try my best.
kassie's baby shower is first on my list and
the third weekend in april.
i started my diet on april 2nd (last weekend)
and i've lost FIVE POUNDS so far.
oh yeah.
my goal is at least 10, but i would prefer 15. 
i also started going to a spin class with a friend of
mine from the bank.
it kills me, but i doubt there's a better leg workout on the planet.
and i feel better already.
i always do.
i don't know why it takes me so long to realize the benefits...
probably because it's so darn hard not to eat all the crap amazing food.
but i'm on my way. 
wish me and my celery snacks good luck.

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