Wednesday, April 13, 2016

you wanna step outside?

my goal has always been to get the inside
 of our house done and then move on to the outside.
but as luck would have it,
we are STILL NOT DONE with the freaking walls,
and since its spring, ronnie would like to
start working on the outside
while the weather is nice.
of course he does. (eye roll)
when we bought the house we both
agreed that we would hire someone to
replace the rotten siding and paint.
we didn't want to mess with all that,
especially after everything we've done
ourselves to the inside.
then ronnie got a wild hair up his ass and informed
me that he and cale are going to be doing the siding.
of course he is. (eye roll)
i'm not happy.
sure, sure, it saves us some money,
but i just want it over with. and fast.
and let's be honest,
nothing ronnie does is fast.
so i made them a deal:
it has to be done by the end of may.
they promised me it would be.
so far, i'm still waiting.
of course i am. (eye roll)
but i did move forward with the painters.
i've been in contact with three different
people to get some estimates and
hopefully as soon as the new siding is up,
the painters will swoop in and complete the look.
i'm excited.
but i realized that i've never really shown
the outside of our house.
so here you go... a tour and some pics.
sorry, about the wind.
i didn't realize it was going to be so loud.

 (this is where ronnie and cale are building a gate around the stairs
 to our basement so the girls aren't at risk of falling.)

to be continued...

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