Tuesday, April 19, 2016

what's going on

a list of my life.
1 - we sold the 4Runner!
i'm glad to get the money out of it
but i'm sad to actually see it go.
i loved that car.
it brought both my babies home from the hospital and
honestly, if it had a third row,
i'd probably keep it until it died.
but it doesn't, so its
going to go live in texas with another family.
2 - ronnie and cale spent all weekend working
on the outside of our house and they have
the side done with the garage,
which ronnie told me was the hardest part.
they expect it will take another 2-3 weekends
to get the rest of the house complete.
i went ahead and scheduled the painters for
the 3rd week of may.
i literally CANNOT wait.

3 - i just started week three of my diet.
i've lost seven pounds so far.
my goal was 10 by this weekend,
but i'll be happy with 8.
i figured i'll be working at this at least until
memorial day weekend.
hopefully by then i'll have lost somewhere
around 15 lbs and feel much better about summer.
4. our new couch (sofa sleeper) was delivered!
it's so plush and comfortable.
not to mention, i now have a place for
someone to crash if needed.
i love the color and how it fills the front room,
but i just have to keep brette and her cheeto fingers away from it.
5. reid has started waving and clapping.
i know a full 9 month update is coming in a few days,
but it's just so darn cute, i had to share.
and of course, brette thinks its the greatest thing ever.
she's always like - "oh my gosh, reid is clapping!  good job, you precious girl."
hahaha - you can tell she repeats what she hears.
6 - i bought myself some new summer sandals from target.
my similar pair literally broke off my feet last summer
when shannon and i were on a walk and i never replaced them.
the ones i really liked were in the girls section, but
low and behold... i can actually wear girl sizes.
wahoo!  a whole new world of shoes just opened up.
7 - i'm having kassie's baby shower here on sunday.
it's fiest themed.
i'm busy cleaning and cleaning and figuring out decorations.
but i'm excited for this weekend - i really do love hosting things at my house. 
ronnie is taking the girls to warrensburg so i can
focus fully on getting my house and food prep all ready.
i'll share pictures next week, but
hopefully it's as cute as this...
i guess that's it for now.
reid just woke up. always.

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