Monday, April 25, 2016

reid: nine months

i really like this age.
she's becoming more and more
independent and that's always a bonus.
we had a doctor's appointment a few days ago
and she weighs 18lbs 13ozs - 60th percentile.
she is 28 inches tall - 75th percentile and
her little peanut head is 17 inches - 30th percentile.
the doctor said she is right on track and
her growth curve is perfect. yay!
she wears 9 month clothing and size 3 diapers,
but i'm going to bust out some of brette's 12 months clothes
because it's gotten warm and reid needs some summer wear.
the sides and top of her hair is still long but no real
growth in the back or along her neck.
her hair actually looks a lot like a pixie cut. 
she sits a plays all the time and
she'll roll around on the floor.
she also gets up on all fours and will rock
back and forth but hasn't actually started crawling.
i wouldn't be surprised if it was soon though.
the cutest thing she just started doing is clapping and waving.
it's so darn cute to see a little one wave at you
or clap when they are happy.
i'll try to get a picture of it soon.
oh. my. gosh.
it has happened.
reid is sleeping through the night.
i hate to claim that, because
she's been so inconsistent, but
i really feel like we've turned a corner.
she is sleeping from 8:00 to 6:00,
i nurse her and put her back down and
she'll sleep for another hour or so.
everyone in my house is normally up by 7:00-7:30.
it's a nice schedule and i feel much more rested.
her napping is the same.
two to three naps a day.
her first at 10am,
her second at 2pm and
depending how long her 2pm nap lasts,
she might go down again at 5:30.
she sometimes still naps with a pacifier and
i'm still nursing her to sleep, so
those are both BIG things we're going to have
to break her of in the next few months.
i'm NOT looking forward to it.
reid has no teeth.
and so i hadn't given her a lot of people food,
unless is was super mushy or puréed.
i talked to the pediatrician about it and she
told me to go ahead and give reid everything
i gave brette, even though brette had lots of teeth.
(at this point brette was pretty much eating a four course meal.)
  the doctor said she didn't want reid to get a complex about the
textures of food since all she was getting was baby food.
she also said that babies mostly gum their food to death and
really don't use their teeth anyway.
it made me nervous because choking is a fear of mine,
but i started giving her mostly everything we eat and
she freaking loves it and does a really good job.
i've been giving her lots of new things to try,
with the exception of meat.
i've given her chicken salad,
but i guess i'm going to start seeing if she'll eat little pieces of meat too.
this makes things a lot easier, especially at restaurants.
she sits and plays all the time and
can make her way across the room to get something she needs.
(like my cell phone or the dog bowl)
like a said above, she's not crawling but she can
still roll or push herself around.
she does a good job grasping items and moving it from
one hand to the other.
i forgot to try to have her stand and play so that's
at the top of my list of things to do.
she is clapping and waving.
she celebrated her first easter.
she's sleeping through the night.
she's eating with the family.
what. a. big. girl.

sorry these are so blurry -
she would not stop moving!

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