Sunday, February 28, 2016

the weekend

holy mother.
i needed this weekend.
i started off friday night leaving straight from
work and heading downtown.
a friend of mine and i had tickets to see Newsies, live.
um... so. freaking. good.
i was singing along to every song and
amazed by their dance numbers.
it took me right back to all our grade school sleepovers.
and personally, i think this is christian bale at his best.
who need batman when you have jack kelley?
saturday was beautiful.
the weather was in the 60s and 70s
and that just makes everything better, right?
we pushed brette's naptime so we could have an extra
couples hours out in the sun.
we went furniture shopping and actually
found something we really like:
a new sofa sleeper.
we didn't buy it, but i wouldn't be
surprised if we went back sometime to pick it up. 
then, it was so nice, we took brette to the park.
we might have pushed our luck a little too long because
she was a hot mess for the rest of the day.
way. too. tired.
sunday morning we took our time getting around.
once we actually made it out of the house, it was lunchtime,
so we stopped in at mcallister's.
reid ate dill pickles. whaaaa?
she loved them just like brette.
we ran a few errands and then i went back out
to finish up our list while the girls took a nap.
it was nice going into a store solo.
people, you don't realize how good you have it until
your lugging a car seat and a two year old everywhere you go.
enjoy the moment.
by the time i got home, everyone was already up, so
we took brette outside to try her hand at riding a trike.
she sucks.
ronnie and i didn't realize it would take such practice.
but i'm hoping she'll be a pro by this summer.
it was a nice weekend with just the four of us.
no working on the house,
no plans or parties or events.
just relaxing and enjoying our time together.
loved it.

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