Wednesday, February 10, 2016


i said the other day that there is not much to share these days.
so i decided to do 10 second "snaps" of my life.
(a la snap chat)
here was our day.
miss reid slept all night and didn't get up
until almost 7am.
now if only brette would have slept that late.
it was cold and i was super sick yesterday
so i still not feeling up to fighting the grocery store.
instead, i used this awesome feature ONLINE GROCERY SHOPPING.
it's a life saver and totally worth the extra fee. (only $2)
getting ready to run errands and the girls were
playing so adorably together.
sorry this is sideways. i can't figure out how to turn it.
but once again, brette and reid are playing together.
i can't get enough of this.
nap was kind of a battle today.
this was 3 in the afternoon and brette just FINALLY
gave in and fell asleep and this was the 3rd time
i put reid down. whew.
reid after nap.
how cute is she?
not a video but still...
 and i had them take an early bath
before dinner since ronnie was home to help.
girls are in bed and ronnie went to the basement
to put together our treadmill.
time for me to start working out again.
and then we got to talking about what we want to throw away.
we're ready to clean this junk out!
there's my wednesday in videos.

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