Thursday, February 4, 2016

ho hum

i feel bad for not blogging as much as i used to,
and its not that i'm running around with two girls
and have no free time.
(although, that does count for something.)
but no,
i still get a few free moments in the afternoon and
each night after they go to bed.
but really, i feel like i don't have much to share.
it's winter and we're cooped up a lot.
this week our highlight out of the house was storytime.
besides that, we cleaned, did some laundry, yada yada yada.
not a whole lot.
but here we go, my uninteresting week.
1 - we moved the daybed out of the playroom.
we were running out of space and my brother needed it,
so it was a win - win.
now we're in the market for a pull-out couch.
we need something for a guest to sleep on.
we also need another shelving unit to set up brette's "kitchen" properly.
2 -  reid is sleeping through the night.
i hesitate to write this because i might jinx myself,
but the day after i complained about her still getting up,
she stopped doing it.
she is now sleeping 7:30 to 6:00, give or take 30 mins.
and then she goes back down until about 7:45.
i'm loving it.
3 - ronnie came home wednesday night sick.
he swore he had what i had, only worse.
then he went to the doctor and they told him he didn't have
strep throat or an ear infection or a sinus infection... just a fever.
just goes to show that ronaldo is actually a big pansy.
(or another P word that i will let you fill in)
4 - i am obsessed with scandal right now.
does anyone watch it?
a girl at work let me borrow the first couple seasons.
i just finished season 3 and now i'm trying to track down season 4.
(so maybe THIS is why i'm not blogging as much...?)
5 - we had a small fire lit under our
ass to start working on the house again.
don't get excited, just a few small projects,
but progress is always a good thing.
i plan on having a complete house update next week.
so that's it.
like i said,
not a whole lot.
hopefully your lives are much more interesting.

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