Wednesday, February 24, 2016

girls and pizza

it was another fun pizza night with friends.
this time, at our house.
even better.
no traveling involved.
i ordered a few pizzas and
made some cookies.
i was ready.
and BONUS,
it turned into a fun little
gender reveal party for my bff, kassie.
she wanted to make it a surprise, but nothing big.
her and chris brought over a cheesecake.
strawberry toppings meant girl and
blueberry toppings meant boy.
kassie asked everyone to wear either pink or blue
as a guess to what we thought it was.
we gave ronnie the results and everyone else
went to the front room to wait.
another little lady on her way.
which means another little best friend for
reid to grow up with.
this is such an exciting year.
next month we will welcome another two
little girls into our ever-growing group.
the poor boys are completely outnumbered.
i also told them that we are no longer having get
togethers in the winter.
especially after all these new babies are born.
after this summer our pizza nights will have grown to
11 adults and 10 children.
holy mother.
i decided that with that number of people we needed
to be able to throw some of them outside.
just waiting on spring...
and yes, that's ronnie's attempt at pink.
so excited for a girl!
(they're skyping with chris's family in Michigan)

it was another real fun night.
i love these people.



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