Monday, February 1, 2016

what's next

oh my gosh.
this last week has been crazy.
i've been crazy sick
and crazy busy.
not the best combo.
last weekend i had a baby shower
for my dear friend lindsay.
so fun. and i got to hang out with
all my pregnant friends.
literally, everyone is with child.

but that night i was up almost all night
long with a killer sore throat and congestion.
i made ronald take me to urgent care the next morning since it was a sunday.
i had a double ear infection and strep throat.
that was followed up with headaches from hell.
it was definitely a loooong couple days.
my mom and dad came up to help me,
because for real, i'm not sure i could have "parented"
for a whole day straight.
even now, 8 days later, and i'm still
not back to 100%.
lets just say we spent the majority of last week in our jammies.

and even though i wasn't on the top of my game,
i felt much better by the week's end, so
we headed over to dana's on thursday for our monthly pizza night.
the kids get to run around and eat cookies and
i get to hang out with my friends.
its a win-win.

i worked all day friday.
then i had my second baby shower on saturday morning, this time for jana.
it's such a nice treat to meet all my besties for breakfast on the plaza.
for real, i need more of that in my life.

saturday night we had my work holiday party.
the food was delicious.
seriously, i dominated dinner.
and sunday i got up and headed to st. louis to
visit margie and her brand new baby GIRL, clara sue!
(marge is a mother of two boys so this little girl was a complete surprise and
i'm not kidding when i say everyone is completely dying over her.)

now here i am,
another monday night.
we just got done with family dinner and
i am worn out.
this week should go at a much slower pace.
i need it.
now excuse me,
i'm going to go lay in bed and watch scandal.

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