Wednesday, February 17, 2016

house tour: part four

i'm going to go ahead and apologize.
i feel like my mind is all over the place in this video.
1. i refer to valentine's day as halloween.
2. brette is running around like a crazy girl in the background.
and 3. i don't really talk about the things we've done,
b u t
i'm not reshooting it, so this is as good as it gets right now.
please also excuse the flushing toilet you'll hear.
brette used the bathroom mid-shot. oh geez.
i am excited that we actually have complete rooms
done this time around.
the living room, dining room
and kitchen are all done.
that feels good.
we're currently working on the family room and
after that will be the entry way and back bathroom.
i tried to be sneaky and get a quote for a guy to
come in and do the skim-coating on the entry and
bathroom just to get it done fast but
once i laid out the price and the plan to ronnie, he
shut it down.
whatever.  just trying to help.
so anyway.
once again, here's our little house tour after
another five months.
 i get so excited to see the progress.
it's also trippy to go back and see how
much brette has grown and have reid be a part of it.
i hope these girls love growing up in this house.
they better, as much work as its been.
until next time... july.


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