Monday, September 14, 2015

house tour - part three

here we are,
another five months down the road
and definitely not finished like i thought we would be.
i should never use the word "finished."
this house might never be completely done,
but i at least thought we'd have all our walls done by now.
instead, we actually don't have any walls done.
w t f
there has been progress made though.
trim done in kitchen, living room, dining room.
wood planks up in dining room and living room.
decorating done upstairs.
not to mention, we became a family of four.
trying to do all this work with two young kids in
the house is no small feat.
and when i take a look at our first video,
(already two months into renovations)
i'm thankful we've come as far as we have.

if you'd like to go down memory lane with our house
read this.  and see original photos here.
here we are today.

i just need patience.
well, patience and a hired hand.
and in a few weeks,
we will have officially owned this home for a year,
even though we've only been moved in since february
because of all the construction.
things will probably be looking much better by next fall and
i'm excited for all our upcoming/ongoing projects.
1. wood plank family room
2. skim coat entry way/ back bathroom walls
3. fix/paint trim in entry way/family room/back bathroom
4. paint all the downstairs walls
5. hang pendant lights over kitchen island
6. build shelving unit for living room
7. white wash brick on downstairs fireplace
8. new countertops in master bath and sewing desk
9. tile all bathroom floors
10. crown molding in master bedroom
11. hang ceiling fan in master bedroom.
12. build bench/cubbies/coat rack by back door
and maybe one day
13. reconfigure and replace master bathroom
and that's just the inside.
we also need to
1. replace rotten siding
2. repaint house and shed
3. add addition parking
4. cut down trees
5. rip out shrubs/weeds/flower beds
6. level the ground and plant grass
7. add landscaping
and maybe one day
8. build a shop
we have a long ways to go.
and we probably need a winning lottery ticket,
but i have great things in store for this house
and i love getting to see it come to life.

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