Friday, September 18, 2015

pizza party

when you have (young) kids and
friday nights seem like any other day,
it doesn't really matter when you have a party.
like on a thursday, maybe?
early evening?
in bed by 9:30?
so my friends and i decided to have
monthly pizza parties for the whole fam to enjoy.
let the kids run free.
drink a few beers.
check in on each other lives.
i volunteered for september and it
just happened to fall on a night when the
chiefs had their home opener and they royals were on.
well played on my part.
so last night we had:
five pizzas
thirty-six chocolate chips cookies
four bags of salad
three guys
five girls
five toddlers
two babies
and two dogs at the house for dinner.
and that's with several people missing!
we've decided to start our own neighborhood
or have everyone just move here...
(most kids aren't pictured bc they were busy running
back and forth from the playroom to the tire-swing.)


we're headed to shan's next for our
halloween-themed october gathering.
should be spooktacular!
can't wait.

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