Wednesday, September 2, 2015

getting little by little

ok, so i've been on my "diet" one week.
i'm going to start off confessing there was a cheat meal involved.
saturday night ronnie and i rented a movie and
ate cheeseburgers and fries.
but for the rest of time i was good.
i really wanted to see some results so
i was very conscience of my food choices.
we even ate lunch at the zoo on sunday and
i had a grilled chicken asian chop salad. 
that was hard when everyone around me had
pizza, ice cream and french fries.
so far i've lost 2 freaking pounds.
that's it.
when i did this after brette,
week one i lost 7 lbs. so this is a bit of a let down.
i'm going to keep on going in hopes to get off all 10-15 lbs.
 it just might take me awhile.
here's what i'm doing:
keep in mind i'm nursing and hungry all the time,
so i eat  s e v e r a l  times a day.
8:00am - protein shake or 2 eggs with bacon/sausage
(this depends on my time and who's awake,
but 5 out of the 7 days, i had a protein shake.
but if you do have the time,
 you can add ANY meat, cheese and veggies and make an omelet
or just make scrambled eggs with sausage or bacon.)
10:30 - 2 turkey sticks and a cheese stick
(i love that these are so easy to grab and go.
most days we're out of the house by this time,
so it's easy for me to eat these while driving or throw
them in the diaper bag for later.)
1:00 - salad
(i am LOVING the ready made salad bags.
have you ever tried them?
so easy and so good.
i bought 5 last week and had one everyday for lunch.
i always get caesar, but there are other options.
all you have to do is add some sort of protein.)
3:30 - celery and peanut butter
and if i'm still starving, 1/4 cup of almonds or peanuts
(you can't go wrong with peanut butter in my book,
i'd eat it off of anything.)
6:30 - meat and veggies
(i grilled up several hamburger patties, pork cutlets
and made a chicken dish.  i took turns either adding it to
my salad at lunch or eating them for dinner.  then i just
added a veggie... green beans or zucchini are my favorites.)
nothing after dinner AND i drink three of my 32oz mugs of water.
if my sweet tooth kicks in,
then i add a grape packet to my water and chug
or go grab a piece of gum.
here's to another week
and hopefully, a few more pounds gone!

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