Monday, August 31, 2015

sleep thief

my baby is giving me a run for my money.
every night she tries something new.
i love schedules.
or at least routines.
it helps me plan my day and
get through my nights.
if i know that i will only get up once
and still get 7 hours of sleep a night,
then i'm all good.
but we seem to be going back and forth
on whether or not she is sleeping through the night
and it makes getting up hard because
I KNOW she can do this.
let's go back...
magically, last tuesday, reid started sleeping through the night.
i would put her down at 10:00 and she
would sleep until 5:00.
then she'd go back down until 7:30.
she did it three nights in a row.
i thought we had this thing licked.
i got lucky with easy sleepers TWICE.
it was the exact same schedule we originally had when brette
was a newborn and i felt good about how this was going to work out. 
then friday night she decided to go back to her
old stomping ground and get up at 3:00.
dang it.
once brette slept through the night she
never went back, so i was just assuming reid would too.
saturday night was all sorts of weird.
she fell asleep at 8:30 instead of 10:00.
she was so exhausted so i went with it.
but i woke her back up at 10:30 to nurse
in hopes of getting her to sleep until 5:00 or 6:00.
she woke up at 4:20.
not too bad, but i was hoping for more.
after i nursed her she slept until 8:00.
later than normal.
cut to sunday.
once again she fell asleep by 8:30
only this time i didn't wake her back up.
i wanted to see how long she'd go.
she woke up at 4:20.
what. the. heck.
i'm have no clue what she'll do tonight,
but i like where she is heading.
also, let me add that i put her in crib on saturday and sunday
because 8:30 was too early to have her in our room sleeping.
i think the extra room might be helping.
if she keeps this up, then we might be done with the bassinet altogether.
it's little sad she's ready for her crib,
 but it's also a moment i look forward to.
babies are loud sleepers and
this mamma hears every noise.
so who knows.
its throwing me off that every night is different
because that's just not the way i roll.
give me my routine!
i know she'll figure this out.
i just need to be patient and
count my blessings.
here's a bunch of pics of reid sleeping last week...
on her lounger
on papa
in a pack-n-play for her first sleepover

and in my arms

sleepy little thing, isn't she?

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