Thursday, August 6, 2015

life update

another week has come and gone
and things seem to be getting better and better.
brette is used to having "baby reid" around
and she asks to hold her, kiss her and she
HAS to help me change her diapers.
the only time i still see a bit of jealousy
is in the afternoons after her nap
when i'm nursing reid and i can't hold her too.
we're working through it and most of the time
i can make her happy if she sits next to me with
my arm around her.
reid is still in her newborn honeymoon phase.
she eats, she sleeps, she stares at us.
she doesn't cry very much and a lot of the time
its almost like she isn't here.
she is so quiet.
very unlike her sister.
my pediatrician told me that between 4-6 weeks
she will be awake more and a lot fussier,
so i'm taking advantage of these few weeks while i can.
nighttime has gotten a lot better over
the last few days too.
she goes down between 10-11,
sleeps five hours, nurses
and then sleeps until 7-8.
i can totally live with that.
i'm only up once a night.
of course, i'd love her to go longer,
but i'm not complaining at all.
ps- mothers of two... how do you go grocery shopping?
once i have the carseat in the cart and brette riding in the seat,
i have no actual space for food.
i hate leaving grocery shopping for the weekends,
but i'm thinking i totally need ronnie so we can have two carts...???


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