Thursday, August 20, 2015

here and there

i think what makes a house really cute are the details.
oh sure, paint color and floor choices are key,
but the furniture, wall hangings and
decorative items can really make or break a room.
little by little i've been adding some finishing touches around here.
nothing really on the first floor because ronnie
sucks at life and still hasn't finished the walls.
(i'm considering hiring someone at this point)
but the upstairs feels complete.
1- added wall art and a shower curtain to the girls "flamingo" bathroom.
this is the one room that i feel is kind of bright, but since
its a kids bathroom i figured, eh, why not!

2- bought curtains for reid's room.
it is actually a shower curtain from target.
i loved the gold and white herringbone pattern, so i cut it in 2,
used some hem tape and made it work.
ronnie is supposed to hang it tonight.
3- bought and hung our new family photos.
(master bedroom mantle and hallway)

4- found old washboards for the laundry room walls.

5- put a new rug in the family room
that we found on sale at home goods.
that old shag rug was my favorite, but its not kid
or pet friendly so it had to go.
it. was. gross.
just imagine - - the dogs had peed on it, brette spilt drinks,
dropped play doh and even took a crap on it.
one day i'll have a pretty cream shag rug again,
but probably not for 15 years or so.

6- finished my "white erase board" for the kitchen.
my mom found the perfect doily and
i replaced the glass and now it just needs hung.
i love it.

and that's it for now.
its the small things that i love to find and add to our house.
i have a bunch of stuff and ideas for downstairs when/if
the time ever comes. (fingers crossed its soon)
the reason for the delay is ronnie likes working outside better,
so he decided to get rid of one of our many weed/flower beds
and cut down six small trees in our front yard.
the outside still needs a lot of work,
which is why i'm begging ronnie to work inside while its hot
and do yard work this fall.
he says he's painting this weekend.
here's hoping!
if so, i'll post pictures next week.

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