Saturday, August 22, 2015

reid: one month

in some ways i can't believe its already been a month,
but mostly i feel like she's been here for way longer than that.
but here's the low down on her life thus far.
we actually went to the pediatrician this week
and reid weighs 9lbs 3ozs. 
gaining weight just like she should.
they didn't measure her height, so
i'm not sure how much taller she is,
but i know she's grown because some of her newborn
sleepers don't fit anymore.
we literally have 4 more newborn diapers in the house
and then we'll be switching to size ones.
typically a newborn poops several times a day
but we're lucky if reid poops once,
so when it happens, its a mess
and i'm looking forward to getting the extra coverage
of the next size up in diapers.
as for clothes she's still in newborns,
but i have started putting her in 0-3 months
because the weathers been a little chilly and
all her newborn outfits are sleeveless.
i think her eyes are turning blue already,
or maybe that's just my wishful thinking,
but i swear i see blue.
her hair is still red and depending on the light,
it changes how dark or bright it looks.
by three weeks, brette was sleeping through the night.
unfortunately we didn't get that lucky twice,
BUT reid is still a really good sleeper.
we put her down between 9:00 and 10:00,
she sleeps until 3:00.
i nurse her, change her, burp her
and have her back in bed in 45 minutes
and she sleeps until around 6:30.
its nice because i can normally be done feeding
her before brette wakes up, so at least i don't have to fight that.
as for naps, we're not really in a "schedule"
because she's still so young and sleeps on demand.
in fact, some days, i feel like she sleeps all. the. time.
she is most awake in the evenings from 6-9,
especially if i'm about to eat dinner.
she can sense dinner and makes sure that ronnie and
i take turns eating so that she can be held.
a true baby move.
she'll sleep some in the evenings, but for the most part, she's awake.
it makes it easy to put her down at night because she's
exhausted by bedtime.
and if you put her in the car,
she's konked out in minutes.
basically, she sleeps just fine.
reid is exclusively nursing.
i've given her a handful of bottles before bed
to see if i could lengthen out how long she sleeps,
but normally she is SO tired i can't get her to
wake up enough to take a bottle.
she is nursing every two hours unless she sleeping.
i've developed mastitis this week so i've even been
waking her up to nurse just to relieve some pressure.  
she nurses really well and haven't had any issues with latching.
the biggest difference i see is how much she throws up.
brette was not a puker.
reid is.
i spend a lot of time keeping her elevated until i think
her stomach is settled.
i also burb her like crazy and
sometimes even an hour (or more) after she's eaten,
she still might throw up.
i've been doing lots of laundry.
 i took her to the pediatrician and they think she has some reflux,
so now i give her some medicine twice a day to help with the acidity.
she'll still puke, but hopefully it more pleasant for her,
if that makes sense.
she's not playing yet,
unless you count her interest in watching ceiling fans.
she also loves jeep rides,
walks in the bjorn and
being outside.
she also loves to shower,
so i've been doing that instead of giving baths.
its easier on me and i get a turn too. bonus!
we sing to her and brette gives her lots of lovin'.
in fact, brette has started calling her reidy.
she'll say "i love you, reidy"
which i think it the cutest thing ever.
pretty much everything is a first.
she had her first time without mommy.
i left for 45 minutes to run to the store and left
ronald in charge of both girls.
i'm pretty sure he was relieved when i got home.
she had her first sleepover at mimi and papa's.
her first jeep ride.
her first shower.
her first invite to a bday party.
her first play-date.

so basically, she's doing really well.
we're enjoying watching her grow and
trying to remember exactly how to 
care for a teeny tiny baby girl. 
happy one month, reid!
(i was in a total rush for pictures and it frustrated her,
hopefully she'll be in a better mood for her two month,
because she really isn't much of a crier.)


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