Tuesday, August 11, 2015

at least i know it's august

yesterday someone asked me what the date was.
i thought it was the 3rd or 4th.
nope, totally the 10th.
i've lost time.
somewhere in between the diapers,
the naps, nursing and holding both my babies
i've completely lost track of my days and weeks.
i blame the littles.
but who can fault me when i stare at these faces all day?

 (our tiny peanut laid out on our king size bed)
 (B making play-doh cookies with aunt sheri)
 (hanging out on the deck while daddy makes us breakfast)
 (lazy days in our PJs)
 (purple pals - paige and reid)
 (playdate at the glover's)
(a little chalk art before nap)
and if you want to see some
adorable photos our newborn session is online.
its the same photographer that did brette's
and i love that ronnie got to come this time,
so we could even get a family photo!
click on the link photo cart
click on the portraits box
our shoot is called 7-27 Brooke
when you click on our box it will ask you for a password.
type in cox
a big picture of reid will come up and underneath it will say:
click here to enter
click on that link and you should be able to view all her pictures.
i'm loving them.

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