Sunday, August 16, 2015

first timers

let's give a round of applause to first-time moms.
are they nervous?
over prepared?
but is that really a bad thing?
not. at. all.
i know the luvs commercial makes it seem
like first time moms are a little neurotic and
when you have your second you are easy breezy.
but this week i was wishing i was my first-time-mom self.
two years ago my diaper bag had:
 a change of clothes
 nail clippers
vitamin d
vix vapor rub...
i mean, i had everything.
i don't know what i thought was going to happen,
but if brette had an emergency hang nail, a sweaty butt or
a sudden stuffy nose - -
i. was. ready.
i have a minnie mouse doll, a swimsuit,
a diaper, change of panties, a t-shirt, a few wipes,
flip flops and a granola bar.
r a n d o m
so when reid blew out a diaper while we were out,
well lets just say i missed my old diaper bag.
poop was on her clothes, her blanket and
her burp cloth.
luckily we had just left wal-mart and were at my brother's
so i could scrounge up extra wipes and brette's t-shirt.
thank god its not winter.
my poor second child.
its time for me to repack my diaper bag
and try to be more like a first time mom.

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