Wednesday, August 12, 2015

20 minutes

normally i get woken up in the morning.
not surprising.
but immediately i'm on the go.
i have to take brette potty,
then get her in my bed to watch cartoons while
i go downstairs to feed and let the dogs out and get brette a drink.
(because my child wakes up thirsty.)
once i'm back upstairs i change and nurse reid,
while hopefully brette just chills beside me.
reid has been waking up around 5:00am which unfortunately means
that her next feeding is around 7:30.
its not fun to have both girls wake up at the same time.
and sometimes brette doesn't cooperate with cartoon time.
sometimes she's hungry or wants to be held
and in those instances i just try to make her wait until i'm done with reid.
it's a hectic 30 minutes.

but today,
today was good.
i woke up on my own at 7:24.
i remember because i was shocked that both girls were still asleep.
i contemplated going back to sleep myself but
decided i should take advantage of these couple minutes
of peace to jumpstart my morning.
i took the dogs out and fed them.
i got brette's drink all ready.
i washed my face, brushed my teeth,
got dressed and even put on make up.
and just as i was about to sit down,
brette woke up.
luckily reid was still sleeping so i had
time to take her potty, get her dressed and fed.
i swear, but 9:30 all three of us were ready for the day.

and it didn't feel hectic.
so i've decided i need to make everyday feel like today
and try to get up 20 minutes before the girls.
now i just have to MAKE myself actually get up.

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