Friday, August 28, 2015

baby body

reid is five weeks old
which means my body has
had five weeks to go from this:
to this:

unfortunately that has not happened.
apparently carrie eats tofu and works out,
two things that have not been part of my post-partum routine.
the first three weeks were great.
i lost 18 lbs without doing a darn thing
except eating a lot and nursing.
with 10 lbs to go, i kept waiting for them to magically fall off too.
i mean, hello, i'm chasing around a 2 year old
and nursing.
but two weeks later... and not another pound gone.
i figured it's time to take action.
do i have the free time to work out?
if the weather is good, we go
on an occasional stroll through the neighborhood,
but depending on if brette has chosen to ride or walk,
we're probably moving at a snails pace and only making it to the mailbox.
not exactly great for burning calories.
so that leaves me with my diet.
it's the key to getting that last pesky 10 lbs off.
and if any of you were/are nursing moms,
then you know that you are always hungry.
it makes it hard to eat only one lunch,
instead of three.
or maybe 9:30 at night is not the right time
for a bowl of ice cream.
stupid diets. i hate them.
but technically,
i'm just trying to make better food choices,
get my portion size under control,
cut back on bad carbs
and not eat anything after dinner.

i started on wednesday and
here's brette already hogging my salad.
hopefully i'll be back in a week with good news.

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