Thursday, September 3, 2015

fall booties

ok guys,
i found some super cute
shoes for the fall.
at kohl's.
we're rarely there but
ronald wanted to look for a royals shirt
so i meandered over to the shoe section.
i loved these and when i saw that they
were on sale and only $25, i jumped on them.
and yes, i'm going back and getting them in black too.
dresses, leggings, jeans...
they're perfect.

so if you see me over the next few months,
i'm probably going to be in a pair of these.
i'm so excited for the new season,
fall is my favorite.
but first we have to bid farewell to summer
over a long labor day weekend.
which ps - wish me luck:
we were invited to the lake and
we've decided to take the girls.
it's a first for us (and them) and i'm trying
to decide how we're going to manage.
and what to pack.
f i n g e r s  c r o s s e d

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