Sunday, September 27, 2015

reid: two months

we went in for her two month check-up
(everything is great)
and she weighs 11lbs 8ozs (50th percentile).
she was 23.25 inches (75th percentile)
and i can't remember her exact head measurement,
but i know it was the 40th percentile.
she's a growin'!
she's still in size one diapers and is wearing only
0-3 months clothing.
she definitely can't fit into newborn sizes anymore.
her eyes are blue and i'm hoping she keeps that color.
i want to have a couple of blue eyed girls,
just so they can have one thing in common because
i don't see many similarities between brette and reid.
her cheeks are chunking up,
which i love and her hair is still red and growing great up top.
she does have some cradle cap right now,
but we're getting the medicated shampoo and that
should clear things right up.
i got lucky again.
thank jesus.
she goes down around 7:45pm and
will sleep anywhere between 4am - 6:30am.
then she takes a wonderful morning and afternoon nap
along with a few other cat naps during the day.
i made sure to keep her in crib for napping.
i remember battling brette to get her to sleep
outside her swing during the day
and i didn't want to start that again.
when you know better, you do better.
she has a sound machine, swaddle,
a pacifier and she'll just drift right off.
easy peasy.
reid is no longer exclusively nursing.
as of monday i started back to work,
so a couple days a week she'll be eating from a bottle.
i'm thankful i still get 5 days a week with her,
i'll take nursing over pumping any day.
 since i've been pumping for the last month
and freezing milk, she still gets breastmilk,
but i'm not opposed to adding some formula
if i can't keep up with the demands.
as of right now, i have plenty.
still not playing
but she is talking.
lots of coos and conversations.
and she smiles now too.
how precious are little baby smiles?
i can't get enough.
she still loves being outside,
watching ceiling fans and
listening to the washing machine.
maybe in the next few months,
i'll introduce some toys.
first smile.
first day without mommy.
first trip to the zoo.
first boat ride.
first coos.

she's such a chill baby and makes
it really easy on me to take time for brette too.
i'm excited to see what october brings.


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