Wednesday, September 9, 2015

long weekend

we had a nice weekend.
we started off going to the lake.
i think ronald is seriously considering the camper life.
unfortunately, i'm going to have to kill those dreams,
well, at least until we have a few other things first.
but i will admit,
its nice to just  r e l a x  and not worry about
anything else around the house.
plus, brette would totally be a lake rat if we let her.
she loved it.
i was surprised considering she wasn't
that interested in swimming this summer,
but she couldn't get enough of the lake.

then on sunday ronnie headed back to lees summit
to work on painting the house,
while the girls and i went to my aunt mickie's
for a dual birthday party.
aden turned 12 and miss eden turned 3.
it was nice to spend the day with the family and EAT.
there were four desserts... i tried them all.
and to round out the long weekend we were all
at my parent's for our monday night dinner
and ronnie got to pick the meal.
not. too. shabby.
by the time we got back home,
all of our bananas were brown.
a good excuse to do some baking with B
while reid took her morning nap.

hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

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