Tuesday, September 29, 2015

crazy season

september hits and things gets busy.
we have birthdays, weddings, trips to the
apple orchard, trips to the pumpkin patch,
a high school reunion, fall family day,
and then all of a sudden its halloween.
and bam - the holidays are among us.

so, i'm sorry i've been slacking over here.
i've been really busy "out there" and
things aren't over yet.

i will say that so far, reid is doing well
with her time apart from me.
i think she is enjoying her
extra time with my mom and dad.
and as long as they keep lots of milk
warm and ready at a moments notice,
then she's as happy as a clam.

brette had a rough first day when i went back to work.
she had five accidents and then
it took me almost an hour to get her to sleep.
if you don't know,
it takes me less than 2 minutes to lay my kid down.
we say goodnight, lay her down,
i rub her back for 15 seconds,
say i love you and i'm out the door.
that night she screamed and cried
and clung to me and wouldn't lay down.
my mom tried too, but she wouldn't settle.
i finally had to just leave the room
and after 5 minutes of losing her mind,
she passed out.
it was awful and i was nervous she
was going to be like this for awhile.
but she was over it the next day and
she seems to be used to it now.
i think it helps that she still gets me
throughout the week.
but yes,
fall equals crazy around here,
but it's all so fun,
it's hard to complain.


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