Thursday, October 1, 2015

brette tidbits

a little factual information about life with brette.
she is basically the best version of my worst nightmare.
her applesauce is pink.
her goldfish are pink princesses.
her favorite shoes are frozen flip flops.
her favorite dress is a sparkly minnie mouse one.
she doesn't like her hair done or
shoes that match her outfit.
her string cheese is elsa and anna.
her band aids are doc mcstuffins.
she loves tinker bell
and just the other day she told me that
for halloween she NEEDS a frozen dress.
not gonna happen.
(have i mentioned how much i HATE character crap?)
she yells instead of talks. AND she never stops talking.
she's the loudest kid i know.
ronnie wants to have her hearing checked because he
swears she can't hear herself.
and that's super fun when reid's asleep.
nothing is more frustrating than having one child wake up the other.
she loves country music (which i dig)
and will ask e v e r y  time "what is this song?"
or better yet, she'll already know and scream
the song title or artist until you acknowledge her.
(yes, she's starting calling me mom instead of mama or mommy.)
and sometimes you can tell her who is singing and she'll say,
"no, it's not.
yes it is.
no, its not."
... you get the point.
there are times you could tell her the grass is green
and she will fight you on it.
she's starting hitting, which kills me.
i've been reading up on how to handle it,
but who knows what will work.
she has to have her back rubbed at night and
she might try to talk you into one more trip to the potty,
which i've stopped falling for.
she wants to be held unless
you're at the store and then she'll insist on walking.
she is really polite, which makes me proud.
she says please, thank you, excuse me and sorry.
she has an obsession with the hospital and mcdonalds.
she always asks to go to both.
she's not scared of villains in the movies.
in fact, one of her favorite characters in frozen
is the snow monster that chases anna.
i dig that she's a tough little cookie.
unless she falls down or hasn't slept
and then she'll cry at the drop of a hat.
just today, she cried because i had to put on make up.
she can mostly count to 20,
but she thinks Es are 5s.
she knows all her colors and
none of her letters.
she never watches where she's going.
most of her injuries literally comes from walking right into something.
i keep telling her to pay attention,
but she's too busy making sure i'm right behind her.
because heaven forbid she go anywhere by herself.
unless it's down our super steep stairs that end in a brick floor,
and then she can "do it by myself."
her favorite foods (besides said pink goldfish) are red peppers,
dill pickles, bacon, string cheese, peanut butter, grapes, peperoni, cuties
turkey sandwiches, marshmallows and chicken nuggets.
she does not like pasta or potatoes and
has stopped eating avocado.
she always has to have a drink.
always. ronnie calls her uncle si.
her absolute favorite thing are suckers.
she'd pick a sucker over a cookie any day.
(i might have a stash of them in our diaper bag for emergencies.)
she does not like to share,
but always wants people to come over to play.
she loves naming off people in our family and
we pretend to call them on the phone.
most of the time she lets me know they are either "working" or "pooping."
she just looooves the word poopy.
she's the best test for how patient you really are
and how long you can keep up a pointless conversation.
oh and she's
beautiful and smart and goofy.
and hilarious. so hilarious.
basically, she's ronnie and i.
we have no one to blame but ourselves.
(except for the word "poopy butt," that's all mimi.)

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