Tuesday, October 13, 2015

so little time

we had another full weekend.
saturday we had a friend's wedding.
i have a bias toward fall weddings,
they're my fave. obviously.
this one involved cowboy boots,
a whole table of desserts and 
literally a boatload of beer,
so ronnie and i were in heaven.
luckily it was in warrensburg, so
my parents watched both girls for me
and i was able to run home in between the
wedding and the reception to nurse reid.

ronnie and i had a fun night.
i think we both feel the need to make the
most of the time we get out of the house.
just imagine us running toward the light,
yelling  F R E E D O M  like braveheart.
yeah, its a lot like that.
that being said, i'm good staying home until,
lets say, new year's.
it's hard to stay out late and then get up at
5:30am to take care of little ones.
not to mention, pack, load up the car
and fly down the highway back home
so i could spend my sunday with
my college roommates, margie and shannon.
and our 7 kids
(with another one on the way...
marge is due with her third nugget this january.)
let me give a small piece of advice:
if you are overrun with kids and you don't
feel like entertaining just make
your husband bust out some sort of heavy
equipment and let the kids watch.
it gave us some actual alone time on the deck while
the crazy kids watched ronnie on the excavator,
took turns riding with him,
and helped him pick up sticks.
free labor.
i'll take it.
they even found a huge black snake,
which none of them were afraid of,
so they eagerly watched ronnie chopped it up
while i silently freaked out from 50 yards away.
seriously, brette. back the hell up.

and all too soon, it was monday,
but luckily it was columbus day
so the bank was closed.
unfortunately, it's a "working" holiday
so i spend my morning painting an
old lady's house.
no worries though.
i was home in time to put both girls
down for a nap and watch the most amazing
comeback by the royals.
which ps- i'm crossing my fingers for tomorrow.
and now i'm just trying to recuperate and
catch up around the house.
hope you had a great weekend too!

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  1. The picture of you holding the champagne bottle brings back those DZ memories!