Thursday, October 22, 2015

reid: three months

can you believe it?!
we're already a quarter done with her first year.
s l o w  d o w n.  please.

i'm not sure how much she weighs
or how tall she's gotten.
we don't have another check-up with the
pediatrician until november.
but i do know that she is getting bigger!
she's still in size one diapers,
but i've started putting her in a couple 3-6 month
clothing because of the weather.
all of brette's clothes for fall/winter are that size
and since we've had a few chilly days,
i needed to bust them out.
and honestly, they fit pretty well.
a little roomy, but it looks comfy.
her eyes are blue and so pretty.
her hair is definitely still red and pretty long on top.
there's no mullet like with brette
and i think i'm going to be able to start bows a little sooner.
our sleep schedule has been working really well.
we start our bedtime routine at 7:00 and i have
her in bed by 7:30-7:45.
i make it out in time to have 10ish minutes with brette
before she goes to bed, so it works out well.
last week reid was sleeping until 6 in the morning,
this week, she's been getting up at 5:00 and then going back down
until about 7:30.
i actually prefer this schedule because i get to sleep a little later.
she's up for a couple hours and then she's ready to go right
back down for her first nap - - which lasts anywhere from
45 minutes to 2 hours.
after that she has more of an awake period and
stays up a bit longer.
i always have her ready for another nap around 1:00
so she can go down at the same time as brette.
(its nice to get a little break)
she also takes another nap in the evening around 4:00 or 5:00,
which is helpful for me to get dinner on the table.
this is not a concrete schedule and she dozes off
in between, but i at least have in her crib three times a day.
our "food" situation has not changed at all.
she eat basically every two hours.
i nurse her the days i'm here and
on mondays and fridays, she takes a bottle.
i've been trying to schedule my lunch so i can
come home and feed her on my working days,
so that's a nice break from my pump.
we still have plenty frozen milk,
so she's not getting formula.
i'm going to try my best to keep it up,
just to save us from having to buy anything extra.
i introduced some toys!
actually no, brette introduced reid to toys.
we have a basket in her room of "baby" toys
that brette's outgrown.
brette kept getting them out for her
and finally she held on and started paying attention.
she can follow an item with her eyes and reach for it.
she really likes the ring ball and
it's especially helpful in honing those skills.
(i think its a favorite first toy of all babies.)
she has great neck strength.
she holds her head up all the time and no
longer likes to be carried around like a baby.
in fact, i tried putting her in her lounger the other day
and she was doing a sit up trying to not lay down.
we may be coming to the final days of getting to use her lounger.
but no worries, because we busted out the bumbo
and reid sits like a champ!
we play some peek-a-boo, read books and sing to her,
but mostly we just sit around and talk.
she is so good at responding to us.
she's definitely another talker.
lots and lots squeals, coos and gurgles going on over here.
first hayride.
first day injury. (brette accidently kicked her in the head)
first time to a pumpkin patch and apple orchard.
first roadtrip. (marceline and back)
first time sitting up in a bumbo.
i wouldn't say she is as chill as she used to be.
there are definitely days she makes me work for it,
but over all she seems like such a happy baby
and we love to watch her grow.

as for the monthly pictures:
its definitely harder this time.
brette keeps messing with her or throwing
toys on the chair (hello, little owl)
but i'm trying.
i definitely don't have the half an hour to mess around
 to get the perfect shot when she's smiling,
so these always feel rushed.
but anyway... at least they're getting done.


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