Friday, October 30, 2015

halloween week

my parents came up to spend the day
with the girls while we all worked.
my two year old didn't nap and my
three month old goes to bed at 7:30.
we ate a quick family dinner and made
a fast exit to get both girls to bed before
the real shit show began.

it was rainy and gross.
i planned to go grocery shopping but
i refuse to try to unload and load the girls.
then load and unload all the food.
instead we went to hobby lobby and
spend the rest of the day at home doing laundry and crafting.
(making reid's costume)
i spent the morning cleaning house.
i spent the afternoon searching for overalls for B and
making witch finger cookies.
i also found time to take a comparison shot of B and R.
brette was four months old and reid is only three,
but still.  they're looking cute in their pumpkin pj's.
ronnie also got reid to (what we are calling) laugh.
so adorable.

every thursday morning we head to the
library for storytime.
brette really looks forward to it and it
gives us an actual structured activity to our week.
after, i finally went grocery shopping.
i really hate grocery shopping.
actually, i just really hate walmart.
but i did manage to find some cute sweatpants
(is that even possible?!) for only $10.

then that evening we had our monthly pizza party
(halloween addition) at shannon's.
the kiddos wore costumes and ate candy while the adults
enjoyed apple sangria, pizza, beer and sugar cookies.
i seriously love my friends.
(my kids missed the group shot because reid was asleep and
brette had just crapped herself.  sweet. "i pooped in my mouse.")
 do you get brette and reid's costume?
you have to be familiar with this book...

and finally the end of the week.
i had to dress up for work and brette had a little halloween party.
my mom came up and watched reid.
now i'm just laying here watching the royals and my boyfriend, hosmer.
#foreverroyal #takethecrown #boysinblue
tomorrow is obviously halloween.
there is a parade in the morning and then
we're heading over to brian's for trick-or-treating that evening.
i'm sure i'll have a ton of cute pictures to share soon.
hope you had a good week!

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