Monday, October 19, 2015

we're not done yet

we had our annual family fall day
and since everyone still had plenty of applebutter
this year was just for fun.
we got to see my cousin
play football, so that was neat.
the time got away from us though and
we missed out on our apple eating contest
and carving pumpkins,
but there was lots of running around outside
and eating food,
so i'm all good.
maybe we need another day?!
football!  they got killed but it was good to see aden play.
what a pretty day! 
we should have carved pumpkins either before or
after the game but we were too focused on food.
soup, soup, scouse and chili.
plus homemade bread and donuts
and a ton of dessert.
yes, i'll have seconds.
 and after it got dark,
we loaded on our hayride and drove
around the country roads.
the girls laughed and played
while mickie sang them songs i remember
from my childhood.
i punked out half way through and
rode in the truck.
in my defense, i held reid the whole time
and i needed some back support
and a little less yelling.

also while we there my aunt carol
gave out free haircuts...
so i chopped mine off.
it doesn't look like it,
but it seriously feels short.
ronnie approves.


 happy fall, ya'll!
 want to see past family fall days?
its always a good time.
we've been doing this since i was a kid
and obviously its one of my favorite days of the year.
i'm so happy brette and reid get to grow up with it too.

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