Monday, October 5, 2015


another fun filled fall weekend.
this time we ventured to the pumpkin patch.
and unlike the apple orchard,
things were a tidbit more expensive.
good thing we invited mimi & papa
and my brother & his girls.
papa generously footed the bill.
(thanks sorry papa)
it was fun for the girls and they
got to run around like crazy people for a few hours.
and then we wrapped up the day with greasy pumpkin
doughnuts and hot apple cider.
tis the season.
once again, reid slept through the whole thing.
i'm wondering next year,
when she wants to be apart of the clan,
how well she'll be able to manage.
she'll try to keep up while the older three run wild.
should be interesting.
i'm also thinking that in two years,
things could be even more interesting.
[or crazy.]
i'm pretty sure people will want to steer clear.
i took about a million pictures,
but here's some favorites.

one more fun family fall day and
we should be good until next year.
no wonder this is my favorite season.

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