Thursday, September 25, 2014

the barn house

would you like more detail about the new home 
ronnie and i will be living in for
(most likely) the next twenty years?

i have a wonderful "meant to be" feeling
about this house.
the one i will lovingly refer to as the barn house
you probably can't tell from the pictures because of all those trees,
but the front it shaped like a barn.
and for those of you that have read this blog 
from the beginning,
you might remember back in 2011
ronnie and i were seriously considering selling
our house because we found a house that we both loved.
in fact, that's when ronnie bought the "for sale by owner" sign
that we finally used this summer.
only took us three years. 
i actually wrote about the barn house twice.
first, here, when ronnie was in love with it.
and then, here, when i was in love with it.
we didn't buy it back then
because it wasn't the right time for us.
but believe me when i say that i was super disappointed about it.
we would still drive by it every once in awhile
and i would always say-
we should have bought the barn house!
so imagine my surprise when ronnie and brette were out 
for a drive and called me at work to let me know the
barn house had a for rent sign in its yard.
um, say what?!
i was so excited.
we weren't having that much luck on our house hunt
and i was worried that we might end up living with my parents
or renting something until next spring when the real estate market
was back in full swing.
i immediately called the rental company and asked
if they owners would be interested in selling.
they got back to us the next day to say - yes!
apparently the previous owners were transferred suddenly to colorado
for work and didn't have enough time to sell it and since
they had friends that did rentals they were just going to try that.
fortunately for us, the owners had moved out the end of july and 
the place had never been rented,
so its been vacant for about two months.
it made the buying process easier because
we could rush it without forcing its owners out in a short amount of time.
in fact, the whole thing only took a few weeks. 
i am finally getting my barn house!
we close on it tomorrow and will start the renovations.
we plan on putting in new floors, taking down the popcorn ceilings,
painting the trim and all the walls. 
we will continue to live with my parents until
the floors and ceilings are done 
because that would be a mess to have brette in.

hopefully soon i will be sharing our renovation progress.
i can't wait.


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  1. Finding the perfect house gets a bit tricky when you’ve seen a bunch of houses that suit your requirements. However, it’s nice to know that you managed to feel that the barn house is the right one for you and your family. Good thing the whole process was finished after few weeks, so you can start moving in and re-decorating. Congratulations on buying your new house! I’m looking forward to reading your future updates about it. All the best! :)

    Barry Sutton @ Iron Point Mortgage