Friday, September 12, 2014

moving on out

i can't believe the days in my house are numbered.
i am excited to move on to something new,
but i'm also sad to say goodbye to our first home.
we bought it back in 2008 and
have since gotten married,
added two puppies,
renovated the entire thing
and became parents.
how can i leave the house with all those memories?
it will be hard, but
the excitement of what is to come makes it worth it.
we are trying our darndest to get most of our things
moved out this weekend.
ahhhh - only 3 more days!
we don't have to be completely out until next thursday,
but with ronnie working 10 hour days
and me working everyday, trying to get it done
during the work week seems impossible.
plus, packing up a house with a one year old
should be an olympic event.
i put something in a box
and she takes it out.
i boxed up our bathrooms yesterday and
literally not five minutes later
i found several things of dental floss in the toilet
that she had gotten back out of the box.
how does she manage this?
nothing is safe.

wish us luck this weekend,
lots to do!

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