Wednesday, September 17, 2014

moving on

 oh. my. gosh. 
seriously, moving has to be one of the
worst things you can ever do.
the worst.
and, ronnie and i had a ton of help.
i can't imagine doing it alone.
we probably wouldn't have made it.
nervous breakdowns, suicide, pure exhaustion...
something would have taken us out.
 the amount of stuff shit ronnie and i have 
collected over the last six years is unreal.
 my parents, my brother, my best friend kassie, her husband,
ronnie's two best friends, jason and cale, and my aunt all helped us.
we couldn't have done it without them. 
also my sis-n-law stepped in and watched brette for me.
there was no way it was safe for her to be around during all the moving.
it made things a ton easier to have her elsewhere so
we didn't have to worry about the 
basement stairs or the front door being left open. 
we did the majority of heavy lifting over the weekend,
but everyday since, we have made trips back to grab a few more things.
(hence being too busy to blog much)
as i type this, ronnie is on his way back from the house because 
he had to load our refrigerator.
i'm crossing my fingers he has miraculously managed
to fit every last bit of crap in his truck so i don't have to go back tomorrow.
BUT i'm pretty sure tomorrow (our last day of ownership) 
i have to stop by and pick up two vaccuums and a carpet cleaner.
who needs two vaccuums???
not to mention that we are now living with my parents in warrensburg
(40 minutes away) so "running over to the house to get stuff"
is no short trip. 
at least by this time tomorrow we will be done.

(the boys trying to get our deep freeze out of the basement) 

 my mom and kassie organizing the kitchen.

my brother taking a break on our couches.

 my dad loading the pods.

and me - - organizing and keeping my troops on track. 
i should have been a foreman.

a big thank you and round of applause to all our helpers.
thank you. thank you. thank you. 

and stay tuned... 
ronnie and i bought a house!
we close on it next week (fingers crossed).
i'll share pictures tomorrow.

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