Wednesday, September 3, 2014

housing update

we're not living on the street, yet.
but close.
our buyer got back to us and
we close on our house on september 19th.
my birthday.
happy freaking birthday.
kind of.
i am really excited to have this part of the process all done,
but i really really really wish we had our next house picked out.
you know when you go shopping "just to look"
and you don't really plan on buying anything but you
end up finding a ton of stuff you want?
but then when you actually need to buy new clothes
you hate everything?
yeah, that's us.
we liked so many things when we could only put in contingent offers.
and now that we really need to find a house,
nothing seems like the perfect fit.
its definitely frustrating.
and the fact that we just rolled into september,
means the real estate season is coming to a close.
not a lot of new stuff will be on the market for
another 6-7 months.
start sending me listings.
we need help.

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