Tuesday, September 2, 2014


we had a little accident over the weekend.
brette has started bear crawling.
you know, when she has her hands on the floor,
but instead of being on her knees,
she's on her feet.
well i guess she lost her balance and
face-planted into our hardwood floods.
ronnie saw it and said she had no way of catching herself.
my poor peanut.
she busted her lip,
so by the time i ran out of the room to see what
was going on,
she had blood all over her.
and when i grabbed her i got it all down my shirt too.
we looked like murder victims.
i gave her a cold washcloth
that she sucked on and i applied
light pressure to her lip.
i feel like it took forever to get it to stop bleeding,
but it finally did and she was left with a fat lip.
she looked like angelina jolie's kid.
i wish learning how to crawl/walk came without injury,
but i have a feeling this is just our first of many.


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