Thursday, August 28, 2014

my social butterfly

ronnie called me on his way home from work
and asked if i cared if him and a friend went out to dinner.
um, no.
i kind of called ronnie out in my last post for
never really wanting to do much socializing.
so the combo of a weekend out with his friends
followed up by a night of pizza and beer is
the most action ronnie's had in awhile.
who is the little social butterfly?
i love it.
not just because its good for ronnie to get out of the house,
but because i get a night to myself too.
and it makes me feel less guilty when i call in my turn for a girls night.
plus i took advantage and drove brette and i to DQ
and got us some ice cream,
(by us, i mean me.)
and now i'm in bed,
with a blizzard,
getting ready to read a book.
this is the life.
ronnie really needs to go out more often.
who wants to invite him to dinner next week?
i promise he's a good time.

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