Monday, August 11, 2014

the low down on the lock down

we had some bad luck today.
my mom watches brette on mondays
so i can go to work.
she called me around 6:30 because she was on the
side of the highway with a flat tire.
dad was out for his morning walk
so she had to wait around until he got back
home to let him know she needed help.
but, not a huge problem.
i can take brette in with me until
my mom is able to come pick her up
and she thought she would be in town
between 7:30 and 8:00.
i packed toys, books and breakfast
and headed to work with brette in tow.
when i got there i threw my keys in my purse
and got out to walk around to the other side
to get her.
oh and i punched the lock button as i closed the door.
i tried all the doors and of course they were locked
and my purse is sitting on the front seat.
keys. phone. food.
mother fucker.
so i ran inside the bank.
(it felt  t o t a l l y  weird leaving her outside)
and called 9-1-1.

oh hey, just letting you know i locked my baby in my car.
k, thanks.

and then i ran back outside to stand guard.
we played a little peek-a-boo through the window
and in no time at all a police officer showed up.
and then another.
and another.

brette just sat there and watched all the men trying
to open my doors.
she was totally chill.
i really was too.
it wasn't hot and she wasn't crying
so i wasn't feeling completely heinous.
and my mom showed up and kept watch with me.
brette did start to get a little fussy
when they left her side of the car to try the other side because
she couldn't really see anything and she was ready to get out.
they finally managed to get the car unlocked
after about 20 minutes.
free at last.
free at last.
thank god almighty, free at last.
too much?
well, i was happy.
now hand me my baby.

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