Tuesday, August 5, 2014

shit hit the fan

no, actually shit was everywhere but the fan.
in brette hair, on her hands, her pj's, her crib, her sheets.
it was nasty.
she woke up a little early and i wasn't quite done
getting ready for work so i let her play in her crib.
i'm guessing 15 minutes later, i go in to get her
and i am hit with strong smell of poop.
i'm just thinking that i have gross diaper to change.
until i open the curtains and turn on the lamp.
dun dun duuuuun.
brette was having a full on poop party.
of course, i'm all ready for work in a dress and she's trying
to touch me with her poopy little fingers.
there is quite the pile of it on her sheets so i take off her shirt
and lay it over the pile so she'll stop touching it.
gag. choke. vomit. gross.
i get all her clothes and diaper off and
wipe down her back and toosh the best i can.
i put her in the bathtub and start scrubbing.
then the best thing in the world happened.
my mom showed up to watch her.
oh halleluiah, i have backup.
so i conveniently  had to go to work and left my
mom with poopy laundry and poopy hair to wash.
i'm hoping this never, ever happens again.
or if it does, let ronnie be the one that finds her.
but as you probably guessed,
this is just the precursor of a sick kiddo.
 yep, all day yesterday she kept getting worse and worse.
runny nose, slobbering, not sleeping, diarrhea, pulling on her ear and cranky.
we're headed to the pediatrician this afternoon to get her checked out.
stupid summer sickness.

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