Monday, August 25, 2014

write me

did you think i gave up on my blog?
sorry about that.
i've actually started a new schedule at work
and its throwing me off my game.
one of the girls i work with had a baby so
for the next six weeks
i work my regular monday and friday,
but i also work tuesday, wednesday and thursday,
but only from noon to two so i can help cover lunch breaks.
i know it doesn't seem like a lot,
but brette naps from 9:45 until 11:30.
we have to leave the house at 11:30 in order for me to
be at brian and jaime's house by a quarter till
so i can drop off brette and be at work by 12:00.
(ps- big props to my s-i-l who watches brette for me!!!)
i get off at 2:00, pick up brette and get home around 2:30.
and then its nap time until about 4:30.
ronnie gets home at 5:15.
then dinner.
then clean up.
then bathtime.
then bedtime.
and whew.
my day is over.
honestly, i have some spare time to write,
but with all the running around i do,
there's not much to write about.
so instead,
i'll just make excuses and share a few snapshots of b.


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