Tuesday, August 26, 2014

weekend bliss

i was gone all weekend.
(another excuse as to why nothing was
shared on my blog for a whole week.)
i rushed home after work on friday,
ronnie and brette were ready and waiting
and we took off for warrensburg.
we made it in time to have dinner with my parents and
spend the night at their house.
[side note: my mom hung beach towels over the
window in the room brette sleeps in.
it was pitch black and she slept
 past 8:00am both mornings. 
what. the. hell.
i told ronnie that we are immediately hanging
towels over her windows when we got home.]
the next morning ronnie and i left to go to the
lake of the ozarks for the day with his friends.
it was such a good time.
ronald hardly ever does anything with his friends.
i don't know why he's such a homebody
because he has fun once we're there,
but sometimes its hard to talk him into being social.
totally not an issue i understand.
i mean,
he gets a whole day to not
work on the house
mow the yard
wash the cars
pack our house
change a diaper.
and its nice to do nothing every once in awhile.
 it was good just to get out of town for the day,
cruise around on a boat and
r e l a x.
so nice.
sure, it was blazing hot and my hair looked like a rats nest,
but i managed to coat my albino skin with
enough sunscreen and made it out without burning myself to a crisp.
plus my hair eventually made it back to normal,
but not without me busting out some scissors to cut out some knots.
seriously, my hair was cray-cray.
and yes, we did go out to dinner after we got off the boat
looking like a bunch of homeless (and maybe drunk) scavengers,
but it was fun.
we got back to my parents in time for bed
and woke up the next morning,
threw all our stuff in the car and headed back home
to celebrate miss eden turning two.
and what an adorable two year old she is.
we got to visit with friends we hadn't seen in awhile
and even met new future friends for brette.
plus its always fun to see my family and
hang out for the afternoon.

 but yeah,
we were busy.
all fun stuff,
so i didn't mind.
hope you had a nice weekend too!


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