Sunday, August 3, 2014

weekend recap

busy weekend.
i had a half day at work on friday
so i was finally able to see dana and her kids.
(plus our bff, kass joined us)
we have the exact opposite work schedules,
so we literally can't ever hang out. 
it's a real bummer.
it was only for a couple hours,
but it was long enough to get the details on each other's lives,
bitch about people and
swap stories on our husbands and kids.
just what i needed.
i had to work saturday morning,
but beforehand i drove half way to warrensburg
to meet my mom and drop off brette.
she watched her for me so ronnie
could have some time to work on a couple of pieces
of siding that needed replaced on our house.
its kind of hard to do that with a one year old.
after work i drove down to warrensburg
and hung out with my mom until my dad got off work
and then we headed to my cousin's house
for her surprise 40th birthday.
i ate lots of food and then dominated a piece of chocolate cake.
i'm pretty sure i gained back any of the weight i had lost.
we made it home in time to get brette to bed and finish my book.
i know. my saturday night is killer.

sunday, we woke up to cloudy skies,
but made it to the park for awhile before it started raining.
brette had a ride on daddy shoulders
while louie and leia ran a like stallion, stopping only for potty breaks.
i was really awesome and made biscuits, sausage and eggs
for a big sunday breakfast.
this was the first time ever and
will probably never happen again,
but hey, i need to impress ronnie every now and again.
after brette's nap we headed to ronnie's sisters house for a family day.
ronnie's mom and grandma were in town so
it was nice to spend some time with them.
(and somehow we didn't get one stinkin' picture)
while we were there i got a phone call from
a lady that had made an offer on our house and she
accepted our counter offer.
if the inspection and appraisal go accordingly,
we will have to be out of our house by september 1st.
even as i sit here and type this i feel the overwhelming
desire to get some boxes and start packing.
now all i have to do is figure out this damn sellers contract.
hope you all had a nice weekend too!

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