Tuesday, July 29, 2014

a healing heart

my FIL had heart surgery today
so b and i spent the last 5 or so hours
in the hospital waiting room.
once the doctor came out and told us that
it was a little bit worse than he thought,
but still a success,
we all let out a big sigh of relief and i packed up
brette to take home for a nap before she we had a meltdown.
the rest of the family stayed and waited for him to get through
recovery so they could see him.
i heard some stories about dear old dad-n-law that i
had never heard and learned a few new facts about his life.
that's always interesting.
but mel, to me, is my dessert partner.
we equally love anything sweet and often times,
we can convince each other to go back for seconds
even though both our spouses are looking at us like,
really, fatty?
we just cackle and add ice cream.
i'm really happy things went well for him today.
brette definitely needs lots more time with her grandparents.
we're waiting on ronnie to get home from work
and then we're headed back up there so we can visit him.
it actually ended up being a nice day with my in-laws
and i got to spend some quality time with family from
out of state that had never met brette.
of course she dazzled them.
and ps - if there is an award for best behaved kid
in a waiting room - - this girls wins.
thank god.

all in all,
today was a good day.
pray for a quick recovery and
lasting health for ronnie's dad
and my indulger-n-law.


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