Sunday, July 13, 2014

nothing to do

ronnie and i had big plans to go on an adult weekend to the lake.
we had food.
we had beer.
we had a sitter for this little beauty:
i was excited to get out on a boat and drink a few.
and then ronnie came home thursday night and
told me it was actually planned for next weekend.
what. an. idiot.
and just our luck,
we can't go next weekend because i have to work
and my parents (our sitter) will be out of town.
daaaaang it.
this left us with a whole weekend with no plans.
sometimes its nice to have a few days with nothing to do
but in this case, i was just pretty bored.
you know its bad when even ronnie is not doing anything.
this never happens. tater loved it.
we had a family birthday dinner on friday night.
washed the car on saturday.
ronnie took b on a few bike rides.
[his new birthday bike...
which then led to a new child carrier.
i swear, ronnie is a professional at spending
money on anything with wheels.]

i added to brette's gallery wall.
and ronnie started working on the landscaping
in our backyard that was torn out over a year ago.
(i am pretty happy he's finally getting around to that.)
but yeah,
nothing really cool happened.
and i'm still a little bummed that i'm
not burnt and slightly hungover.
oh well.

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