Sunday, July 27, 2014

our trick pony

we've been busy over here
teaching brette the weirdest tricks.
she has three new ones.
1 - if you put out your pointer finger and say
ET phone home,
she will touch her pointer finger to yours.
i think it hilarious.
our next, and even weirder trick,
(this one ronnie taught her)
is if you say superstar
she will raise her arms straight above her head.
oh hey, its mary katherine gallagher.
her third and final trick is mimi's fault.
she started singing brette the "little green frog" song
and now brette sticks her tounge in and out
like a lizard. all. day. long.
so yeah.
our kid is cool
and easily influenced, what?
ps- our house has had two showings and one scheduled for tomorrow.
keeping out fingers and toes crossed.

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