Wednesday, July 2, 2014

french silk x 2

kelly, my cousin, offered up decorations from
her daughter's party for brette's birthday.
and then she also gave me icing for b's smash cake.
and then her kiddo was my runner during the party.
and then kelly spent over an hour uploading/sending me pictures.
so i thought just saying thank you wasn't enough.
i decided to make her and her family a pie.
i was watching pioneer woman and she was making a french silk pie.
i had never made it, but it included a key ingredient
that i knew would make it a hit - - chocolate.
 it didn't look too hard,
so i thought i'd give it a whirl.
i followed all the directions and it was coming together nicely.
the last part of this pie is mixing in 4 eggs over a 20 minute period.
i had my big kitchen aid mixer going on high
and then i dropped A WHOLE FREAKING EGG in the mixer.
shell and all.
dammit. dammit. dammit.
so close to being done.
so i dug through the filling and picked out
as much shell as i could find.
but i knew i couldn't give that away.
what if someone got a mouthful of shell?
i went ahead and finished the pie and let my dad eat it.
if its pie, he's in.
he'll eat anything and never found any shell.
so i remade the pie
(hopefully, it was as good as the first)
and gave that to kelly.
the lesson i learned?
crack your eggs in a bowl instead of the mixer.
at least until you are a way better baker than me
and confident in your egg cracking skills.
want the recipes?

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