Tuesday, July 1, 2014

say cheese!

ronnie was working when we had brette's newborn pictures taken,
so technically we don't have any family pictures.
i know, so weird.
so i demanded politely asked to get pictures taken when b turned one.
i really wanted some outdoor photos and
the lady who took b's newborn pics only does studio shots.
after some online searching, i found blair and thought
her style and price was juuuuuust right for us.
i got to pick the location and she met us there.
i decided on longview. 
we went into the park to take advantage of their old white picket fences
and their big grassy areas.
then we made our way over to the old pergola.


aren't they gorgeous?
i can't get over it.
you know the worst part about family pictures?
getting everyone dressed.
we need to coordinate but not too matchy.
and i only had to do three people!
i don't know how a big family does it.
i bought brette a cute little romper from crazy 8
that was navy, coral and aqua. 
we layered her look with a navy cardigan from carter's and
the coral headband is one i had from my baby shower.
we also bought her little gold sandals,
but somehow we forgot to put them on once we got there.
oh well.
ronnie and i picked our outfit colors off of her romper.
ronnie had on a plain aqua t-shirt from gap.
i really like their clothes for pictures because
you don't have to worry about big logos all over.
i borrowed my coral jeans from kassie and
bought a navy short-sleeve sweater from macy's.
i also took a change of clothes for b.
a little coral and navy onesie from target with a navy headband.
and i called it done.
i'm really happy how they turned out.
oh sure, i'm making some weird faces in some,
but brette steals the show.
a d o r a b l e

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