Thursday, July 24, 2014

family ties

i've had a few extra hours at work in the last couple weeks
and my sister-n-laws definitely came to my rescue.
sheri, ronnie's sister, watch b for a few hours
during a morning training session.
its nice that brette got to spend time with her and her kiddos.
looks like they had some fun together.

then the next week my other sister-n-law, jaime, 
watched b for two whole days while i was at work.
(a combo of more training and my mom being gone on vacation)
i was a little worried that brette would throw down
the gauntlet since she's so used to sleeping in her own crib.
but luckily, jaime found a way to easily put her to sleep.
thank jesus.
and i love getting these photos throughout my day
so i can see how much fun b has with her two cousins.
i think they are going to be best friends.

these two really helped me out and gave brette fantastic days with her cousins.
ronnie, on the other hand, who is totally used to having brette
and knows her schedule,
sent me this on friday:
he took her on a bike ride when she was supposed to be napping.
poor girl had to sleep sitting up.

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